Lymphatic Drainage Massage

| Detox/Reduce Inflammation

| 60 min

The main objective of our Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Post Operative Care is to accelerate the healing process reducing Fibrosis, Scarring and Pain, the typical effects of a Liposuction, Tummy Tuck or any other type of surgery in the shortest amount of time possible.

MLD can be very helpfull and safe for Mom to Be or pregnant woman,suffering of tired feet or water retention,back pain or swollen ankles that can lead to edema,this gentle technique will promote relaxation and calm

Reduces Inflammation and edema.
Detoxify the body.
Assist in the process of Weight loss
Improves cellulite
Reduce Post Op Swelling & Bruising
Relieves from pain and discomfort
Improves Immune System
Relieves heaviness in arms and legs

Certified Lymphatic Practitioner

Holistic Services
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Coconut Creek, Weston Florida