| Collagen induction therapy

| 60 min

What is Microneedling or Collagen induction?
Is a minimally skin rejuvenation procedure that involves repeatedly  puncturing the skin with tiny sterile needles that causes control micro-injuries that stimulates the body’s natural wound healing process.

How does Microneedling Work?
Small needles are used to create microscopic channels in the skin, giving the skin the opportunity to react as if it were injured, this stimulates collagen production. At the same time special cocktails of serums such as Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins C & A, oligoelements and more.....are penetrating through these channels, targeting all aging factors of the skin, the top layer is also renewed, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

What are the Benefits?
- Fine lines & wrinkles
- Scars/ Acne scars/ Enlarge pores
- Strech marks
- Acne’
- Rosacea
- Hiperigmentation
- Eye puffiness/Dark circles
- Hair loss 

What should I expect during the procedure?
The skin will be cleansed with an oil free cleanser, topical numbing cream will be applied 30 mins before your treatment,once the procedure begins a special serum will be applied to help the microneedling device gently glide over the skin, you will feel a slight vibration and tingling on your skin.The mini punctures will trigger the production of your own growth factors that eventually results on collagen production.A calming Mask and final skin proteccion will be applied at the end of the treatment.The whole procedure takes around an hour. You can expect some redness for couple hours depending on sensitiveness

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